The Fashion Trends We’ll Be Seeing in 2023, According to Pinterest | by: GRACE FLYNN

Blumarine runway show

Image search platform Pinterest has released its annual trends forecast for 2023, and when it comes to fashion, the new year is set to revive a range of styles.

According to Business of Apps, Pinterest has more than 400 million monthly users across the globe who use the platform as a digital mood board, planning for the future and finding inspiration for everything from outfits to home decor.

This year, it was all things pink thanks to barbiecore, as well as silk, pearls and corsets, courtesy of regencycore. Not to mention, the return of low-rise jeans, cargo pants and knit shrugs.

Over the past three years, 80 per cent of Pinterest’s trend predictions have come true. So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the curve, take a look at these future fashion trends that are set to dominate runways and Instagram feeds in 2023.

Lace, tulle and ruffles

According to the platform, 2023 will be full of frills. Based on increasing searches from Gen Z and Millennials, lace, tulle, ruffles and shimmer will be a big part of fashion next year. Searches for ‘shimmery dress’ went up by 365 per cent while ‘lace top long sleeve’ went up by 225 per cent. Get ready to tap into the flair and flounce of balletcore for another year of feminine and ethereal fashion.

Sci-fi fits

Cyber streetwear, galactic glasses and dystopian outfits are also part of Pinterest’s trend forecast for 2023. The search for ‘avant-grade outfit’ surged by 225 per cent over the past year while ‘gamer girl look’ increased by 3,370 per cent. Expect to see wrap-around sunglasses, layered looks, metallics and all-black outfits that channel a futuristic aesthetic.

Fringe and tassels

Fringe, tassels and beads galore is what’s in store for 2023. With Pinterest searches for ‘fringe dress outfits’ surging by 255 per cent and ‘tassel jackets’ by 60 per cent, it might just be time to dust off the old fringe and take her for another spin. Inspired by the fringe and frivolity of the 70s and 80s, this future trend lends itself perfectly to festivals and nights out on the town.

Romcom core

Dipping into the cute cuts and vibrant colours of 2000s fashion, romcom core romanticises all things early aughts. Taking inspiration from our favourite sleepover movies like Legally Blonde, He’s Just Not That Into You and 13 Going on 30, Pinterest predicts that slip dresses, tube tops, mini skirts (which we’ve already seen come back in 2022) as well as cargo pants will continue to be wardrobe staples in 2023.

Rave and techno fashion

Gen Z and Millennials are ready to return to clubs and raves and party 2023 away. Searches for ‘Berlin rave fashion’ increased by 250 per cent while ‘house music outfits’ surged by 185 per cent. Drawing style inspiration from the 90s rave scene and institutions like Berlin nightclub Berghain with its all-black implicit dress code, raves and rave fashion are ripe for a renaissance.

With the summer and festive season now in full swing, it’s worth having some holiday wardrobe staples to fall back on for those last-minute cocktails nights and family get-togethers. Take a look at Holiday Season Dressing: The Best Dresses for Festive Occasions.

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