Will Skinny Jeans Come Back in 2023? These Are 7 Denim Trends Experts Say Will Dominate the New Year | by: Hana Hong

They say fashion trends are cyclical, but if there’s one fashion item with the most chaotic cycle we’ve ever seen, it’s got to be denim. And for something that never goes out of style, people sure love to decide what’s trendy based on its many subcategories. As one of the few clothing items keeping in-person shopping alive (if you’re someone who can find the perfect pair of jeans online without trying them on, I can’t relate), you might be wondering which types of denim you’ll see dominating the clothing racks in 2023. We put together the ultimate denim trend guide to reference, according to the jeans that experts say will be taking the spotlight—and heated TikTok debates—next year. (Spoiler alert: This year does not mark the return of the skinny jean.) But remember, you do you—your style should reflect what you feel best in, so if that means rocking your belly-high skinnies until the end of time, we support it.



Two-toned denim


If you’re split between dark or light denim, this trend lets you get the best of both washes. According to Zee Fields, owner and founder of Profade Apparel and LOULOU DAMOUR, two-toned or color-blocked jeans are one of the more adventurous jean trends expected to rise in 2023. A bonus for all my short girls out there—the color-blocking acts like a contour for your legs and can help make them appear longer than they are.

Baggy silhouettes


The 1990s dominated 2022, and its reign is expected to continue into 2023. The 2023 version has a more or less loose cut, and waistlines are (unfortunately) getting lower as low-rise starts edging its way back into the limelight. And coming from the ever-popular mom jean (slightly tapered and tighter fit on the top) that was the cool-girl of the baggy jean in 2022, dad jeans (loose straight leg all the way down) are predicted to have more of a moment next year. The key to sporting this trend is proportions—if you’re going loose on the bottom, opt for a tighter fit on the top.

Puddle pants


If there’s one thing we can say about this trend, it’s aptly named. Remember those puddle pants or jeans that pooled on the floor as you walked because they were a tad too long for you? Tailors might be losing some business next year because those puddle pants are back with a vengeance. Cropped jeans are being swapped for longer lengths that lend themselves to a more oversized, androgynous look. If you want to prevent the bottoms of your jeans from getting wrecked, try pairing puddle pants with a platform boot.

Patchwork denim


While patchwork used to mean simple logos and squares, 2023’s patchwork is a bit more thoughtful. From contrasting panels (seen at Nensi Dojaka) to mixing denim and leather (seen at Stella McCartney), these patches are for those wanting to make their bottoms take center stage. The key here is to let the pants shine—keep it subdued with minimal accessories and a neutral top (a white shirt never fails).

Double denim


Yep, you read that right—2023 is seeing the return of the beloved Canadian tuxedo. Not sure how to style the perfect DD look? “Pick your desired shade of denim and keep the wash similar throughout,” advises Christina and Teresa Jaide, co-founders of JLUXLABEL. “A denim pant-with-jacket combo is super-versatile and a good place to start.” Add a bright pop of color to balance out the overall palette.

Cargo denim


Pinterest predicts that rom-com core will reign in 2023, with Gen Z-ers and millennials alike romanticizing their closets with slip dresses, tube tops, and cargo pants. Whether classic blue or colored with a bright hue, the modernized iteration can be worn as jeans, jackets, shorts, or skirts.

Denim lingerie


Denim might not be the first texture that comes to mind when you think “sexy lingerie,” but think again. Following the trend of exposed lingerie (which we can partly attribute to Julia Fox’s all-denim looks), denim is coming out as the cloth of choice on a wide range of brassieres. “2023 is all about showcasing denim in non-traditional ways,” agrees Jaide. “Classic denim is getting a contemporary upgrade in edgy ranges of denim bralettes and bustiers that can be styled as tops.” Throw on your favorite blazer for an effortlessly chic look.

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